Flying Tigers Radio Control Club Inc.

April 2005 Meeting Minutes



06 April 2005                                        


Call to Order:  20h17 (8:17 PM)


Executive Present:              Nick Saraco – President

                                         Rod Hopkins – Treasurer

                                         Jim Daly – Secretary

                                         Brian Facey – Officer at Large



The President called the meeting to order at 20h17 and joked around that he was getting closer to starting the meetings on time at 20h00, general laughter ensued.


He welcomed everyone to the April meeting and reminded all that the next meeting, in May, is the clubs annual Show And Tell and encouraged everyone to bring out there Winter Projects no mater what stage of completion they were in.  This is a good idea as it gives members a chance to see the structure of your aircraft and any special building techniques you may have incorporated, prior to finishing the model.


Minutes for the March meeting were handed out by the Secretary prior to the meeting being called to order however a “last Call” was made for those that may have come in late.  Nick asked if anyone required the minutes to be read. Since there was no response from the membership, Nick asked for a motion to accept the minutes as published.  Before the motion could be brought forward David Pengelly pointed out an error in the minutes and asked that they be amended.  He pointed out that Paul David Hill was his “grandson” not his “son”.  The Secretary made note and vowed it would be corrected in the official minutes.  Ron Mattiuz moved that the minutes be accepted as published, with the amendment.  Stu Watson seconded and the motion was put to the floor and carried unanimously.


The President then polled the membership to see who had attended the Weak Signal’s Toledo Hobby Show that past weekend.  He also enquired as to what “goodies” everyone scooped up and hinted at something he would be showing later on in the meeting during Show & Tell.  Several members mentioned the gorgeous giant Gee Bee racer on display.  This monster looked to be about 1/3 scale with a cavernous fuselage that housed a twin cylinder gas engine normally used on full scale powered parachutes.





Other members mentioned another type of “MODEL” that was spotted at the SkyShark R/C booth on Friday and Saturday.  This model seemed to be some sort of chameleon as “she” was sporting an all black “finish” on Friday and an all white scheme on the Saturday.  All in attendance agreed that the “white” scheme attracted more attention.  Hmmm I didn’t know Monokote was producing a line of “leather” iron on coverings these days!  A hearty round of laughter ensued until the president finally got everyone under control again.


New members and Guests were asked to identify themselves and the Club welcomed Charlie Tanner as its’ newest potential member to the club.  Charlie bought himself a Nexstar and was recommended to our club by Karl Gross of Skycraft Hobbies.  Charlie said he is going to practice with the simulator that comes packaged with this neat .46 size ARF until the Spring Wings Program starts.


David Pengelly, as CD for the Great Rubber Race, gave his report of the events that took place at the March meeting.  He reported turnout was lower then normal but the overwhelming number of Flying Tiger members was enough to squeak by the Burlington bunch for a well deserved victory.  David had available some copies of a very well laid out report, including colour pictures, for those who wished one.  Those that missed it fear not it is to be published on the club website shortly.  One of the side benefits of this low keyed competition was that David’s grandson had so much fun that he is now totally turned onto airplanes.  The President thanked David for a well run contest, expressing that all those in attendance had a great time and were looking forward to the next one in the fall..


The “Prez” then reported on the second organizational meeting that our club attended concerning the proposed Middle Zone Fun-Fly.  To date five clubs have committed to this event: Niagara; Stoney Creek; Flying Tigers; Dundas & the Guelph Gremlins.  The Burlington club is showing interest but as of yet has not committed itself.  Nick then asked for Volunteers to please come and see him after the meeting.  We require as many people as we can get to help out with this event.  As of yet task have not been assigned but things like parking & crowd control, concession stands, security and just general helpers will be required from each of the participating clubs.  Obviously the more volunteers we have the short everyone will have to work at there specific task.


On both days the Fly-In will be opened by a full-scale aircraft flyby and they are looking at noon time air shows on both days consisting of both full-scale and models.  The Dates once again are Sat. & Sun. August 20/21, 2005.  An event logo and name have been picked and there will be a link to the event’s website on our club’s site shortly.


This event is being organized as a Public Relations event to enlighten the general public on our modeling activities.  Plans are under way to invite several local newspapers and TV stations out for the weekend.  Numerous display teams are being formed to expose the public to the numerous and very diverse disciplines in R/C Modeling


The floor was then opened to the Committee Chairmen to give updates on the various events we have coming up.  Here are their thoughts:


Annual Fun-FlyTerry Tupper, CD – Put forth the idea of perhaps since the Zone Fun-Fly was planed this year so close to our fun-fly that rather then advertising it in MAAC and to other clubs, we would make it kind of just a Club Fun-Fly with a Pot-Luck Super.  This idea was well received and is under further discussion with the Executive.


Combat Terry Tupper, CD – The Open Combat contest this year will be run on Saturday June 18th, 2005, the day before Father’s Day.  A reminder was made that the new Canadian Open Combat Rules would be in effect for this contest.  More details to follow.


Wings ProgramGary Maker, C.F.I.Gary asked for volunteers to help instruct this year.  Several people indicated they would be willing to help.  Gary mentioned that the more Instructors they got then the less time anyone instructor would have to spend instructing.  He thanked Jim Daly for being Ground Chief last season and asked if anyone would be interested in assuming that job.  In preparation for the upcoming season he asked Brian Facey to bring the Buddy Boxes out of Winter Storage and to please bring them to the next meeting.


Scale AerobaticsRon Mattiuz & Brian Facey, co-CD’s – Nick asked if the contest had been registered with MAAC and Brian informed all present that the contest announcement had made the last issue and was sanctioned by MAAC.  Mark Saturday July 8th and Sunday 10th 2005 down on your calendar and come out to the field and watch some exciting Aerobatic Action.  Better yet bring a plane and enter your first contest.  In Basic you can fly anything.  For more information contact either, Brian Facey, Ron Mattiuz, Gary maker or Jim Daly, they can answer most if not all your questions.


HelicopterDuane Bouyea, CD – The Helicopter Extravaganza will be held on Saturday July 2nd, 2995.  Last years event was well attended with lots of flights taking place.  Please come out watch and support the club.


Concession StandDarlene Walton – A new committee has been formed within the club and it is being ably headed by Darlene Walton.  Darlene will be responsible for the Food Concession Stand at ALL club events.  The individual event co-coordinators will have one less thing to worry about come their big day.  All Darlene has asked is that each Director contact her at least two weeks before the event and inform her of the following: # of expected people; any special menu requests, (Hotdogs & Hamburgers will be the norm); donuts in coffee in the morning?  Darlene has been un-officially doing this for several years and is a real pro at it.  Richard Bell informed all that he and his wife would again be assisting Darlene at most events.  The club thanked Richard for his generosity with his time.


Coffee FundFred DeWit – The President asked Fred if the coffee fund was sustaining itself.  Fred reported that on average it was breaking even.


Next Nick informed everyone that this was the month we paid our annual field rental and that the payment represented the major outlay of cash the club incurred each year. 



New Business

There was no new business to be reported from the other members of the executive so Nick opened the floor to the general membership.


A member asked if a Club Membership List would be made available to the general members and Nick explained that due to the new Privacy Act, we could not really make that information available without the persons consent.  He also informed everyone that there will be a section on next years membership application where each member can indicate the specific information they would allow the club to publish.  There was some discussion of the possibility of making this information available on the club web site however there was no conclusion to the discussion and the topic has been held over for further dialogue at a later date.


Richard Bell broached the subject of himself and the President meeting with the director of the Binbrook Conservation Area to discuss the possibility of obtaining more frequent and different access to the site for float flying.  Richard is to arrange a meeting and inform Nick of the date and time.  Richard also mentioned that he works with the Sister of the modeler in London who was involved in that tragic accident last fall and asked the executive if the club would like to send a get well card to him as while he is finally out of the hospital he still has a long road to recovery ahead of him.  The executive said it would be taken care of and thanked Richard for his concern.


Bill Fletcher offered his time and the use of his flight simulator to anyone in the club who wished to come to his house and either just fly it or receive instruction on perhaps some advanced maneuvers and even the practice the Basic IMAC sequence if hey were so inclined.  Nick thanked Bill for is most generous offer.  Please see Bill at the next meeting if you are interested or catch him out at the field once the weather turns nice.


Nick Saraco informed all of the passing of Ex-Founder and Past President, Brian Graham’s father this past month.  Ron Mattiuz, Brian Facey and several other members of the club attended the services and expressed their condolences to the family on behalf of the club.



Show and Tell

Several interesting items were brought this evening for Show and Tell. 


LD 410 Canard

First off was an interesting aircraft from Laminar Design Inc.  The LD 410 is a Canard aircraft designed for electric power but convertible to glow. 




It has a wingspan of 42” and weighs in slightly less than 8 lbs and is equipped with retracts.  Powered by an Astro 25 brushless motor geared 2.3:1, it is running on 20 NiCad cells for a total of 24VDC pushing 800 watts through a 10 x 6 three bladed pusher prop.  This plane should be available in kit form come mid July 2005.  A little brother version was also shown in the bare bones.






James Bajkor showed his latest acquisition an all foam electric delta called the MicroJet.





Intrepid EBO

Not to be outdone by his son, Joe Bajkor displayed his latest helicopter.  This is a departure for Joe as he had previously converted all his helicopters from glow to electric.  This monster is powered by a Zenoah G23 gasoline engine.  The engine comes as part of the kit and is equipped with a pull chord to ease in the starting of the engine.  The chopper is equipped with an extended boom which helps to make it very stable in a hover.  On board power is provided by a li-po 7.2V battery.  The special collective pitch servo is powered directly from this battery while a 5.0 v regulator is used to bring the voltage down for use by the rest of the system.





Wireless Video

Nick Saraco showed one of his purchases from Toledo.  It was a wireless colour camera and receiver.  He brought in a small colour TV and preceded to hookup a small receiver to it.  The camera is smaller and lighter then the 9VDC battery used to power it and even has audio.  He polled the group to get their opinion on where on a model he should mount it and it was decided up on the fin or out on a wingtip would yield the best results.





Blade Runner

David Pengelly treated the member to a flying demonstration of his micro electric helicopter called the Blade Runner.  This neat little helicopter comes with a lithium battery and the charger is built into the transmitter.  All of them come on the same frequency, in the 27 mHz band, so you can only fly one in a room at a time or it might get very interesting to say the least.  The Blade Runner is available from Radio Shack and some hobby stores at a cost of around $100.00




Pranged Pig: 


Nick asked if there was any other business and the members indicated that there was not.  With that the floor was opened for nominations for the pig.  Terry Tupper nominated new member Chris Martin for re-kitting his Mini-Funtana ARF just hours before the meeting.  Chris openly admitted to trashing his plane while doing rolling harriers.  A case of dumb thumbs resulted in a 2 mistake high maneuver only ˝ a mistake above the ground and well the rest is history.


Terry also nominated Don Brison for the second month in a row.  Don’s transgression this month was a oldie but a goodie.  He forgot to hookup his aileron servos then to make maters worse he knocked one of the ailerons out of neutral while carrying his plane to the runway.  Well we all know what happened next…. He took off and the airplane immediately rolled to the left and proceeded to crash into a soft snow bank.  Fortunately the only thing hurt was Don’s ego.  The aircraft escaped with no damage.


A vote was put to the members and it was a close call.  In the end Don squeaked by with 17 votes and Chris lost (?) with only 16.  So for the second month in a row Don has a house guest.  Darlene mentioned that Don had won this prestigious reward so many times that it now had a permanent spot in their home and that they actually miss it when it isn’t around.



Final call for 50-50 draw was announced.  A total of $162.00 was collected and the $81 prize went to a well deserving recipient, Ron Mattiuz.  Ron was extremely happy to finally win after all these years.


Next meeting is Wednesday May 4th, 2005, 20h00, (8:00 PM).   Don’t forget this is our club’s Annual Show & Tell night so bring out all your Winter Projects.   


Meeting adjourned at 21h30.

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