The 2nd Annual Flying Tigers IMAC Contest

By Jim (Russki) Daly

  The 2nd Annual Flying Tigers IMAC Contest was another huge success. This was a two day event held on Saturday July 24th and Sunday July 25th held at Smith Field, our home turf. We had Scale Aerobatic Pilots participating from Oakville, Stoney Creek, Welland, London, Tilsonburg, Kitchener, Mississauga, Acton and of course Hamilton.

The contest was Co-CD'd by Brian Facey and Ron Mattiuz. Scoring was handled by the club Treasurer, Rod Hopkins who spent the two days of the contest huddled over his laptop punching in the competitors' scores. The Line Chief, Maqsood, kept the pilot's on their toes ensuring that there were always two aircraft in the "on-deck" circle in an attempt to try and complete three full rounds in all classes on Saturday.

All five Classes of IMAC were flown, Basic, Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced and Unlimited with Freestyle being optional. Basic by far had the most competitors with 6 budding enthusiastic Scale Aerobatic pilots going head to head for top honors. Although this was a competition it is very lo-key compared to some of the other disciplines. When a pilot is flying his routine he usually enlists the help of a "caller." Typically that person is another competitor who may also offer suggestions to the pilot as he is flying. If one pilot is having problems with his aircraft it is not uncommon to see a gang of other pilots descend on the aircraft and try and remedy it. There have been a few times when a competitor has totaled his aircraft and had more then one offer to use the aircraft of a fellow participant so that he could finish the contest.

A food concession was organized by Darlene and ably manned by Richard Bell and his lovely wife. Hamburgers and hot dogs were available but the most sought after item was the delicious fresh local sausages on a bun. These things sold out so fast on Saturday it was unbelievable. Twice as many were procured for Sunday but even these didn't last long. Perhaps for next year we will have to change the name of the contest to the "Flying Tigers Southern Ontario Scale Aerobatics & Sausage Challenge!"

A few pilots were late for the mandatory Pilot's meeting and as such our 09h00 Start Time ended up being closer to 10h00. As a result we only completed two rounds for each class on the Saturday. On Sunday we were able to start on time and with the good weather we had all weekend completed the last two rounds by around 15h00 (3 PM).

For many pilot's this was only there 2nd or 3rd Scale Aerobatics Competition but the flying was top caliber. The higher classes were well represented by the likes of Mike Clemmens and Tony Craig. Our own club was well represented by 1st time contestant Bill Fletcher, our resident CFI - Gary Maker and wan-a-be Russian pilot Jim Daly all flying in the Basic Class.Ex-CFI and club Chief Test Pilot, Ron Mattiuz decided to move up and try his hand in the Sportsman Class where he fared quite well.

After the main competition was over on Sunday afternoon those in attendance were treated to some amazing Freestyle flying by Mike Clemens, Tony Kreg and young Nicolas Pinzon. If you have never seen this form of flying you are really missing something. Each competitor is allotted 4 minutes to perform his/her routine. You can have music playing in the background if you so desire. The timer starts from either when your music starts or the aircrafts wheels leave the ground. Judging stops at the four minute mark and you had better be finished your routine by then. The pilots are judged on their choreography of their flight to the music or just on how well the maneuvers flow. A combination of traditional and 3D aerobatics is usually flown but not always, that is at the discretion of the pilot.

Awards were handed out to the Top Three pilots in each class. Results were as follows:

Maqsood Ahmad 6000
Gary Maker 5912.63
Frank Klenk 4880.30
Bill Fletcher 4144.50
Jim Daly 3049.38
Kel Robson   995.25

Ken Wiersma 5955.00
Peter Hilderbrant 5531.96
Ron Mattiuz 4963.49

Tony Kreg 6000.00
Mike Clemmens 5808.276

Mark Zemel 6000.00

Thanks to the kind donations of sponsors like Desert Aircraft, MSC Props, Hobby Hobby, Great Hobbies, Bisson Mufflers and Pete's Models, every competitor walked away with something to take home. All in all everyone in attendance agreed they had a great time and were looking forward to next year.

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