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Flying Tigers Combat Squadron.

  The purpose of this squad is first and foremost to have some fun with radio controlled aircraft. And second to promote combat flying, and compete in the local area against some of the other combat squadrons. We are available for funflys and demonstrations. Feel free to contact any of our squad's members about our endeavors.

The Combatants:
To have your name and email address added contact The Squadron Leader.
All members of the Flying Tigers Radio Control Club are welcome to join in the fun.

    Nick Names and a combat legal airplane are mandatory.

Nick "Nitro" Saraco    (Squadron Leader) Terry "Terminator" Tupper
Shayne "Supersonic" Tupper Chris "Radar" Lounsbury
Chris "ChuckAuger"Pare Mart "Cosmech"Klepp
Brian "BuzzSaw" Chaykowski Richard "The Innovator" Hirschmann

Mission Log:
Flying Tigers Combat Squadron annual event is the:  "Rumble over the Runway".
The inagural sortie, held on Sunday June 8 /2003 was A great success.
For more info on this event see our Photo Album 2.

2) The next Sortie, Rumble Over the Runway III, is scheduled for Sunday June 11th, 2006.

Combat Rules:
Here at the Flying Tigers: Combat will fall into two classes.
First will be the .Open Class B.
And we will also be flying the 1/12 scale Combat (2610)

RCCA Rules for Combat will be used

Rule books can be obtained from the RCCA web Site:  
Html Versions are available here:       Open Class "B"              1/12 Scale "2610"

Please make sure you are aware of all rules.  May I suggest printing them out and keeping a copy on hand.  Also please note the change this year,(2002), to Scale 2610  3.3.1 (weight) "an informed Combat Pilot is smart Pilot"

Upcoming Events of Interest:
Will be added as we find out about them

A List of upcoming RCCA Events.

Combat Related Links:

RCCA.      Radio Control Combat Association

1st Canadian Combat Squadron  The Originators of the "Battle over the Barn." (Canada's premier Combat Event)

Wetzel"s Warriors    The sister club to the Strathroy Fllying Farmers

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SPAD       Simple Plastic Airplane Designs

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