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Pranged Pig


 In 1960 The Flying Tigers acquired a new and somewhat undesirable member. The story goes something like this. It took place at Stewart's sod farm, when on this given day the boys decided to have themselves a little contest.
Don Field got himself volunteered to be first, followed by Roly Noble. Now to put things in perspective, let us keep in mind that the equipment at this time was single channel escapement. You must also get a mental picture of Stewart's sod farm. About FIFTY acres but with lots of trees on the perimeter and a nice big oak tree smack dab in the middle.
So Don Field takes off and shortly after getting airborne, lands his model in the big oak tree. Naturally this earns Don a round of jeers. Now, as if that isn't enough Don Gordineer saunters over and hands Don Field a grotesque looking carving of a pig wearing a sand pan hat. He then announces that this little escapade hath just earned him the "Pranged Pig Award"!
Well talk about adding insult to injury, Don was fit to be tied. (In his very English way of course). From that day on, the Pranged Pig Award has been awarded on a regular basis to the Flying Tiger member having endeavoured to commit the most ludicrous event of the month.
To this day the Pig is still with us, always waiting in the wings to administer a little humility to those members whose ego exceeds their ability.

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     PRANGED PIG WINNER FOR THIS MONTH  is                              

    No Recipient this month  beware our spy's are everywhere .

For this feat of stupidity, we at the Flying Tigers do administer a little humility to you  . May you learn from your mistakes.

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